2020, Warsaw, the Vistula River, Poland

Implementation details

Project name:
Delivery, installation and initiation of 2 NEPTUN systems with score away systems at the industrial water intakes of the Żerań CHP Plant, the Vistula River, Poland

Vistula River, Żerański Channel, Warsaw, Poland


Protection against the presence of fish of two cooling water intakes, from the Żerań Canal and from the Vistula River located in the Żerań Heat and Power Plant.

Żerański Channel

Installation parameters – Type: NEPTUN

  • Barrier length: 15 m
  • Electrodes length: 4 m
  • Electrodes mounting: to the bottom
  • Power supply: 1-phase

Vistula River

Installation parameters – Type: NEPTUN

  • Barrier length: An innovative solution specially designed for this shot has been applied
  • Electrodes length: 9 m
  • Power supply: 3-phase