The NEPTUN system at HydroVision show in Brazil

On 21-23.10.2014, during the HydroVision show in Sao Paulo, we presented our proprietary fish behaviour control system Neptun for aquatic environment.

On 21-23.10.2014, the HydroVision show took place in Sao Paulo, where we had the opportunity to participate together with our Brazilian partner NATURAE.

During the three days of the event, we presented Neptun’s proprietary technology – a system for controlling fish behaviour in the aquatic environment. The NEPTUN system protects water engineering objects against the entry of fish into their area of operation, thanks to which it has a protective function for fish and lowers the costs of operation of technological installations. In Brazil, the NEPTUN system has already been installed in the hydroelectric power station on the Madeira River.

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